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Moving on again, the stranger glances
back at the edge of town,
studies the sky,
then looks to the horizon.
Absently, he adjusts his cap
and ties his shoelace then rifles through his pack
until he finds what he needs
and tosses it on the ground.
Briefly, he studies this carefully-planned
appearance of carelessness.
Vaguely amused with himself, a ghost of smile
momentarily turns up the corners of his lips.

Movement catches his eye and at the roadside,
he notices a tortoise peeking out from its shell.
He nods, no need to bother this one:
the lyre has already been invented.
And besides, keeping the cattle would only have tied him
to a farm.

Satisfied, he pulls his coat a little tighter around him
and gives one last quick look at the discarded trinket-
an unremarkable key- to what lock, it doesn’t much matter.
He hurries away down the road, wanting to be gone from sight-
the recipient of his little present will be along shortly to find it,
will not know yet what it means
or who it’s from.
But his target will recognize it for a gift
and follow in search
of the traveler who left it.


An Open Invitation From Tartarus

Dear Sinner,
Won’t you come dwell in my stormy pit,
far below Gaia’s deepest depths?
I have tortures here
you could never imagine
and an eternity in which
to inflict them upon your soul.
My gift to you for your crimes,
and I am most pleased to give it.
Drop in any time, I have a place
already reserved just for you.
No need to call ahead.

New Blog, New Projects

I’ve started this new blog as a sort of accompanying piece to Memories of Pain and Light– I want to keep that blog as a devotional place for Apollo, but I also wanted a place for public writings on other religious topics that wasn’t my Live Journal, which is really mostly just my little corner of the big internet bitchfest.

Y ya, new blog. It is named Presque Vu, which is sort of adiffering but related¬† phenomenon to deja vu. Instead of the feeling that you’ve “been here before”, presque vu is the feeling that something is about to happen. “Presque vu” translates from French to English as “almost seen”, hence the URL ( was taken by someone who’s never used it, sadly.) Up until about two years ago, I’d had a perpetual feeling of presque vu (though I didn’t know what it was called at the time) for about eight or nine years.

I intend to use this blog, as I said, for religious writings that don’t relate directly to Apollo. I have a few projects in mind that will probably take up a good chunk of the airtime here. I may also occasionally use it for non-religious topics of some substance.

The main project on my mind is one related to my ongoing fascination for random deities (and the occasional non-deity mythological figure) with little to no mythology. I’ve recently decided to make up a list of these and do some research of what writing does exist about them, and try to figure out what might have been and perhaps give them some mythology.¬† This will, of course, come from my own imagination, conclusions drawn from whatever I do find, and meditations. At the moment, I’m calling it Speculative Mythology. For the moment, I’m just starting to research this but I hope to begin writing a little bit soon.

To end with a request: if you add me to your blogroll, drop me a comment. As this is a bit more of a general blog than my other one, I will also be a bit more general about the links here.